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Getting a new car detailed and protected from the offset is a wise investment, here's what our customers have to say

Had my new black sapphire BMW 340i in with PMG for crystal serum ultra. Its been 6 months now and waited to post review as I wasn't sure it was a great idea. After 6 months of everyday driving I can highly recommend this treatment. No swirl marks and easy cleaning = money well spent. Thanks PMG.

The sad fact is that new cars aren't in perfect condition.  From being built at the factory, being shipped and finally going through process at the dealership, there are a lot of opportunities for contamination and damage to be inflicted across a cars delicate surfaces.

Our new car prep doesn't just have the car looking as it should but it pushes it further again.  A common comment from customers is that their car looks better than new.  Thats what we strive for every time.

Our great relationships with dealerships across Belfast and beyond means we can collect your car, prepare it properly and have it returned to the dealership, ready for your collection day meaning its ready to enjoy straight from the offset.

Or we can happily prepare your new car after delivery, the options are flexible meaning you can enjoy that new car experience in a way that suits you.

Our new car prep is a bespoke service from basic preparation to full ceramic protection throughout, get a quote today, the team will be happy to assist you.

Why not check out the videos on this service?  We go above and beyond with unrivalled experience and a no compromise service.

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